Omega-3 Supplements (Coromega)

Post Published on March 10, 2011.
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Omega-3 is believed to be helpful to the body for all sorts of reasons. The Wikipedia article on Omega-3 fatty acids notes research indicating that Omega-3 can be helpful in battling cancer, reducing cardiovascular disease, improve immune system functioning, improved mental health, and the reduction of inflammation.

Unfortunately, our diets contain significant less Omega-3 in them than they have historically – this is due to a significant decrease in our consumption of fish. We could increase our consumption of fish – but then there are concerns about mercury toxicity and for people such as myself – we simply don’t like fish!

There have long been supplements available – usually in capsule form – of Omega-3. These pills have traditionally been quite large (and difficult to swallow) and I’ve found that after consuming them I have a very bad aftertaste and occasionally burp fish breath. Yuck!

Several years ago I discovered Coromega – and I’m a huge fan! While more expensive than traditional Omega-3 supplements, Coromega greatly deserves the extra cost because it:

  • Comes in small yogurt like packets and tastes sweet – very easy to consume and very easy on the taste buds.
  • Doesn’t give you a bad aftertaste and doesn’t cause fish breath burps.
  • Has 300% better absorption than many of the softgel capsule alternatives.

You can learn more about Coromega at the official website. I purchase my Coromega from Amazon, a three month supply is around (or $20.50 if you have Prime!). That is $8/mo! Not too bad.

Why do I take Omega-3?

  • I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Depression, and ADD and Omega-3 is believed to assist in proper mental functioning.
  • I am a knowledge worker (IT) and need my brain to function at its peak for prolonged periods of time – something it can’t do without Omega-3.

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