Open-Mesh: I’m Happy.

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  1. Chris Romero says:

    I have noticed the following on the Cloudtrax log site and the OpenWRT dev portal a designation for the Open-Mesh “MR600” and “MR600v2”. (Looks like the Atheros ar71xx line support.)

    Supposedly these units will be available in late April.

    So maybe we”ll see a return of four-port switch along with the router. But if history is an indicator then I expect the OM2P to have the best range and the MR600 to have 5G support.

    • davemackey says:

      I actually did a by-email interview with the folks at Open-Mesh and am working on an article which will contain some additional details on the upcoming MR units, etc. Keep your eyes open, I’m going to try and get it out today…but definitely within the week.

      • Chris Romero says:

        Noted some details in my last communication with them as well. Feel free to email me ( aka vectrexer)

  2. Mesher says:

    You should see the MR600 be available for sale by the end of 2013.

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