As I thought to myself, “I should really write a review tonight” I felt the blogging blues strike…I didn’t feel like it. But being the good blog author that I am (or want to be) I decided to plod ahead anyways. What could I review? Well I actually have so many products and services – …

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Image via Wikipedia [Updated July 28, 2017: is still available, but Sun Microsystem’s methods of managing the source code caused releases to take a long time. Then Sun was acquired by Oracle, and they eventually cut the project loose entirely. It now rests in the hands of the Apache Foundation – good hands … – A Office Productivity Suite. Read More »

His Dark Materials Trilogy Book Review (Author: Philip Pullman).

I’m Impressed Philip Pullman is a master in the literary genre. I have rarely read novels with such beauty and depth. His Dark Materials is a trilogy of works including the books The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. These works are rather recent but already deserve to be considered among the …

His Dark Materials Trilogy Book Review (Author: Philip Pullman). Read More »