These pages were written first and foremost for myself – as ways to remember all the volumes of information one reads about programming and promptly forgets as soon as it is not utilized for a few moment.

I hope that it will also be helpful to anyone who is looking to learn a technology as I have attempted to show the course I have taken or am taking along with some of the best resources to get there.


I’d like to improve my proficiency in HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL and JavaScript. This is primarily so I can create web applications with WordPress.

Secondarily, I’d like to play around with C# and .NET. I wrote a number of applications using VB.NET in the past, but haven’t touched it recently. I’m particularly interested in this due to the cross-platform nature of Xamarin.

Finally, I’m interested in Node.js (JavaScript) as I’d like to rewrite a classic strategy wargame using it.

If I find myself with uber time on my hands I’d also consider trying React and Angular (JavaScript), Python, and Java.

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