• Current C# version: 6.


  • Assignment Operator (=) – Sets the value on the left of equals to the value on the right of equals.
  • Cast – Forces a conversion of type on a variable even though it may result in data loss.
    • iInteger = (int)1LongInteger;
  • Code Block – Groups several commands together using braces {}.
  • Definite Assignment – A variable must have a value assigned to it before it can be read.
  • Literal – A type of constant that contains a fixed value (numeric).
  • Namespace – Groups together related functionality.
  • Strongly vs. Weakly Typed – Programming languages may be strongly or weakly typed. A strongly typed language requires that each variable have a declared type (such as integer or string) while a weakly typed language attempts to figure out the type of a variable on its own.
  • Type Conversion – Changing a variable’s type in order to support the value being assigned to it.
  • static – The method can be called directly instead of creating an object and operating on the object.
  • void – One can declare a method void. This means that the method does not (and cannot) return a value. – MSDN, DotNetPerls.

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