Propel – Energy Drinks.

Post Published on July 7, 2008.
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[Update: I’m not drinking Propel on a regular basis any more, instead I drink bottled water and juices. We keep a constant supply of bottle water in my office at work – so its pretty easy…]

I drink a lot. No, not alcohol. In fact its a good reason for me to stay away from alcohol. I just mean I drink a lot of liquids – water, juice, lemonade. Yes, I spend a lot of time traipsing back and forth to the restroom.

So, I don’t really enjoy water sometimes. So Charity and I bought lots of juice. Eventually we realized this wasn’t particularly healthy for me since it wasn’t 100% – so we switched to 100%. That was great – except for one small issue, all-natural juice still has a lot of calories.

For whatever reason I struggle to maintain a lean waist, so drinking six or ten glasses of juice a day wasn’t going to help anything (600-1000 calories!). That is when I discovered vitamin water, but ends up that isn’t much better for you either. So now I drink Propel. It tastes pretty good and it only has 20 calories for a 16 oz bottle. Not bad aye? My only complaint is that they use some non-natural ingredients for the flavoring.

So go grab yourself a couple bottles – its good stuff and can help you keep the weight down.

P.S. I still drink three or four glasses of juice a day. Helps make sure I get my fruits. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Propel – Energy Drinks.”

  1. I’m wondering why Gavyn would say the family would find this preposterous….

    and I’m wondering what the effect of the “chemicals” in Propel might be on brain chemistry. I know NutraSweet gave me migraines and made me feel just generally unwell and I had to give it up…

    Thought about diluting your juices with calorie-free seltzer water? You can cut calories by half and still have a nice drink….unless you’re someone who doesn’t like soda type beverages….hmmmm

  2. I’m not real excited about the chemicals in Propel. In another post I mention coromega, which is omega-3 with some natural flavoring. I would love to see Propel use something similar.
    Unfortunately, I am not very good at measuring when trying to diluting drinks. I end up with colored water frequently. I also happen to be one of those people who doesn’t like soda beverages. 🙂 On the upside, I figure if I reduce my intake as much as possible of most of these chemicals, etc. the small amounts I intake through sources like Propel will be better handled by my body.

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