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Scrupulous Anonymous.

Post Published on November 13, 2010.
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Neuroimaging sheds light on the seat of suffering
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Every month I receive a small, plain envelope from Liguori Publications. If one didn’t pay take a second glance one might dispose of it with all the other junk mail that fills our mailboxes…but I do.

Inside is a small, four page newsletter and an envelopment for charitable donations. Month in, month out – its the same small enveloper, little newsletter, and even smaller envelope for donations.

I look forward to these newsletters and find in them a calming soothing of the soul. Directed primarily by Fr. Thomas M. Santa, these newsletters are addressed to individuals suffering from scrupulosity. Scrupulosity is a specific form of suffering within the more general illness of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Scrupulosity is especially difficult to have and/or treat b/c while generally individuals with OCD are aware that there obsessions and compulsions are unrealistic they still feel the need to do them, but with scrupulosity the scrupulous oftentimes feel that the obsessions and compulsions are truly necessary and realistic.

Each newsletter contains one main article usually written by Santa which contemplates some aspect of the grace of God and applies it to the lives of the scrupulous – those of us who constantly are fighting to let go of our legalistic and performance based ways and accept that God loves us right now, lavishly, extravagantly.

There is usually a smaller encouraging article from one of the Liguori’s publications or one of the ancient church fathers with further encouraging thoughts and on the back is the mailbox where Santa answers questions from scrupulous sufferers.

The newsletter is free. If you’d like to subscribe visit: There are also free back issues of all the newsletters in digital format. Afterwards, drop by one of my other sites – OCDDave to read further about and discuss scrupulosity.

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  1. How do I become a member and if I have a question – is there a vehicle for asking and receiving answers to these questions.

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