Shakeology, Garden of Life, and Vanilla.

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  1. mipl says:

    I googled Shakeology vs Soylent and one of the hits was your blog. What was the health problem that you got rid of with Shakeology, would you be able to share that? What about weight loss? Thanks. By the way, I started drinking Sahkeology (as breakfast replacement), chocolote (non vegan); and it comes out really delicious….I add different things every day. My husband and I are looking into Soylent and just yesterday I was thinking of the nutritional content between both. Tx again.

    • davemackey says:

      I was having a problem with my legs (constant aching and weakness) which had been ongoing for a year or two…It cleared up…though there were several other factors occurring in my life that could have contributed as well…so I don’t want to push it too hard. I also was having some issues with urinary hesitancy which seemed to clear up as well.
      I ordered my first week’s supply of Soylent…but probably won’t get it for another month or two…eager to give it a try.

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