Stamina Recumbent Folding Bike – Model 15-0200

Post Published on June 30, 2008.
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As a geek I have a problem. I live a rather sedentary lifestyle – including a rather sedentary job. I may have the strongest finger muscles this side of the Mississippi, but I’m not sure that will help with my overall strength – or my bulging waist.

Jesse and Ricardo Erie PA Recumbent bicycle
Jesse and Ricardo Erie PA Recumbent bicycle (Photo credit: Ted Van Pelt)

Some of my geek friends take the time to visit the gym. Not me. I have too much to do to drive to a gym. For a long time this left me in a bit of a lurch. Thankfully, I lead a youth group which saw me running around at least twice a week – but still not enough. I figured if I could get a piece of exercise equipment into my house then I would start working out. But a treadmill or stationary bike was simply too big. It would take up half my living room…Not going to make the wife happy that way!

I began my search for a folding recumbent bike and stumbled upon the Stamina 15-02001The model I initially purchased is no longer available, but Stamina offers several other options.. It is fairly amazing. Folding up into a size just a tad larger than a vacuum cleaner it offers the comfortable seat with back that makes recumbents so wonderful as well as a monitor for calories, speed, distance, and time. While the unit did come in parts and took perhaps an hour to assemble, once assembled it has been nothing but a joy. Now I ride 1-2 hours every day – while watching television or reading a book. It allows me to get in my physical exercise while also avoiding guilt over taking some time to relax with a good TV show or book.

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