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Post Published on April 6, 2013.
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As a child I collected everything – bugs, coins, books, postcards, sports cards, stamps…the list could go on. I still have many of these items (not the bugs, though they may still be at my parents). Recently I decided I should organize my stamps and see if they were worth anything and sell those that were valuable. I also decided to place in books and keep any I could not sell – as they are beautiful and something to show to guests or so on (don’t worry, I won’t make you look at these collections, I am not fond of being made to look at someone else’s collections for extended periods of time…but I will let you if you so desire).

Lighthouse Stampbook as pictured on
Lighthouse Stampbook as pictured on

Now, I doubt that I have very many that are valuable – but I do have a good number of them and have completely filled a Lighthouse Stamp Album Stockbook (32 page) and recently ordered two more. I must say that these stampbooks by Lighthouse are fairly affordable (especially in comparison to may competitors) and of fine quality (though I am no expert on stockbooks).

So, all this really to say – if you are a stamp collector and are looking for better ways to organize your piles of stamps (or perhaps you have them in books but using the old glue hanging tab), I’d recommend Lighthouse Stamp Album Stockbooks as an excellent and affordable choice.

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