Standing for Something.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Some very good thoughts. It is so easy to forget suffering and plow ahead with our lives. This made me think of Anne working day after day, week after week helping out the hurricane victims in Schoharie…gutting houses, facing mold and slime and filth, riding her bike miles and miles to get there, her heart full of compassion towards her neighbors who are suffering. I feel your article asks two questions – one, what is our government role in responding and what is our individual role in responding. I think the individual role is always the best, from bringing groceries to the neighbor who is struggling (as opposed to food stamps) to taking in your elderly parent to care for them (as opposed to government paid-for nursing homes) to going and helping during natural disasters. I don’t have answers to the big questions of how government might need to intervene in places like Darfur. I do believe we need to do the things you listed at the end of your article…keeping our priorities in order…live more simply and responsibly so as to be in a position to be able to help others, to keep our health strong so we can be physically and mentally capable of helping and to especially make our hearts one with the Lord who is so full of compassion and longing to help those in need…so we can be Him on this earth, doing what He would do in these situations.

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