SugarSync – A Love/Hate Relationship.

Post Published on September 23, 2010.
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[I no longer recommend SugarSync.]

You won’t find me dropping cash on every new tech site and gizmo. Growing up I was broke – all the time – and was constantly trying to make do with freeware because I couldn’t afford the big, bad tools I wanted. These days, I do drop money – but just don’t expect it to be frequently. So it says something pretty significant when I say I’ve been dropping $5/mo. on SugarSync since November 2009 and was using the free version of the service for months prior to that.

I love SugarSync. SugarSync is a just-works file backup, archiving, sharing, synchronization solution. Install SugarSync on multiple computers and it ensures your files stay in-sync.

One of the traditional concerns about this type of syncing is when the software accidentally writes over the latest copy of your document. Yeah, yeah, its not supposed to happen – but it does. SugarSync makes this old news by keeping versions of all your files. Accidentally delete a file? Overwrite it? No problem! SugarSync has it!

Pretty nifty. Add onto this 30 GB of space for just $5/mo., or 2 GB for free. Did I mention the web-interface is fairly slick? That there are apps out for most smartphones? And that it will run on most operating systems? Yeah – its sick.

I hate SugarSync. So much so that I’m again seriously considering dropping the service. Why? Because SugarSync lacks a single major feature – and they don’t seem to care. SugarSync lets you share files – but only through the web-based interface. Don’t expect to share a folder with a friend and have them automatically receive the latest updates – nope – they have to use the web interface. I said its grand – but its not automatic. You can see the requests for this feature going back to 4/2009 on SugarSyncs forums – and the basically dead silence from SugarSync’s end. Ummm…folks? Anybody out there? Everybody else has this feature – why can’t you guys do it?

This is my desperate public plea to SugarSync. Please, please add this feature…otherwise I might just have to drop you, and I really don’t want to do that!

1 thought on “SugarSync – A Love/Hate Relationship.”

  1. I hate sugarsync
    Are there any lawyers out there?
    We had five years of work in a manuscript, on sugar-sync
    Lost our lap-top to malware.
    Reloaded from CD, and downloaded sugarsync 2.0
    I have no way of reloading 1.whatever with my novel
    Sugar-sync won’t talk to me. Five years shot to hell!
    This is why they invented class action law suits.

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