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  1. Ilja Maslov says:

    Why would a Doogle search for “surgasync picasa” possibly bring me to this blog?
    Did I find a lot of Sugarsync advertising material here? YES
    Did I find anything remotely helpful to anyone trying to Sugarsyc their Picasa? NO

  2. Matthew says:

    Great, I too did a Google search for “sugarsync picasa” and found nothing, but now I think these comments are just elevating the relevance to an irrelevant phrase. D’oh!

    Essentially, what I want to know if there’s a way for my wife to have access to photos I’m uploading to iPhoto (but she has a Windows 7 laptop). I figured some sort of Picasa web album sync or something might work. Not sure.

  3. dfs ert says:

    Funny, I came here by googling Sugarsync and picasaweb.. I already paid $20 to Google for a year for 80 GB of storage. Only to realize that Picasa, great as it is, does not do two-way sync.. it uploads changes to the web but those changes will not be pushed down to other computers you have. Useless..

    So I’m back to looking for automatic sync of my photo collection. My present idea is to organize all photos in folders and use only things stored in the photos and videos themselves – like GeoTags and text tags. ‘Star’ and Face tags are stored in Picasa database files which might be a hassle to sync across Mac / Windows etc..

    Once I have all my pics in folders, I’ll just use Sugarsync or something to sync between all my computers. Finally, each computer will also sync to Picasaweb but this is really just to share the pics with other people (and because I paid already.)..

    Ideally, I would find a service like Sugarsync that does SYNC WITHOUT BACKUP. That is, just copies files between my computers through their servers without storing it themselves.. then I wouldn’t have to pay them for 60 GB of photos.

    • davemackey says:

      There are programs that do syncing without backup…I’d check, they probably have a few listed there. Might also request this feature over at SugarSync – a sync only feature is a good idea.

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