SugarSync – What is Missing?

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  1. Steve Weir says:

    Dave, great summary of your beefs. I still believe that Dropbox is superior, but that’s my humble opinion. 🙂

    As to your note on backing up Google Docs, I’m a little confused. Isn’t the purpose of Google Docs and GMail such that backups aren’t necessary, being cloud solutions? Enlighten me.

    Let the debate continue!

  2. Peter says:

    I’m using SugarSync since a few month and can only recommend it to you
    guys. It’s fast and supports multiple OS like Windows, Mac, iOS and

    You get 5 gb for free and when you use the b.m. Link you will get 5,5
    Gb for free. If you go for a premium membership (starts at 30 Gb) each
    of you will get additional 10 Gb for free.

    Check this out and get a 5,5 Gb account for free.

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