Surviving the Darkness: A Crash Course in Muddling Through Anxiety, Depression, and So On.

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  1. Andrew Vogel says:

    Thanks Dave. For whatever reason, I find lying down in private for a few hours (several?), or maybe a couple days helps to clear me out. It feels like my brain has reached overload, and it needs time to slowly sift and funnel thoughts away.

    • davemackey says:

      Thanks Andrew. Do you stay awake when you lay down? Or do you fall asleep? Do you do anything while laying down?

      • Andrew Vogel says:

        I stay awake and I try to process thoughts. Although they move as if through molasses. As in, they process only with great difficulty. Sometimes I fall asleep, although I think it’s due to the nature of the state I’m in. Somewhere close to sleep.

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