Dollar Shave Who?

I’m not very good at remembering things – especially mundane things that need to be done on a regular basis. Eat food? Nope. Buy food? Nope. Toilet paper? Nope. Hand soap? Nope. Razor blades? Forget it.

This can be unfortunate when one finds oneself in a situation without one of these items, without time to get one of these items, and/or without the desire to do so. That is where DollarShaveClub comes in.

I signed up with DollarShaveClub a number of months ago – soon after the service began making its rounds on the web. I started out with “The Executive” plan on a monthly basis. This means I receive four cartridges each with six stainless-steel blades. The first month I also received a heavy-duty handle, every month thereafter I received four more cartridges.

I found for myself, I made it two months on four cartridges, so I moved to their every two month plan – which (duhh) means I get four cartridges every two months. This costs me $9 (and includes S&H) – or a total of $54/yr.

I don’t know that the razors are better than the ones I used to use from Gillette, but the price seems less, the handle is nicer, the to-your-door service is awesome…I don’t have any plans on switching anytime soon.

Now they do offer some other “essentials” besides the blades they started out with. They have Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter and they sent me a trial packet, but I didn’t really get enough of a “trial run” to want to subscribe to it on a regular basis. If they want me to subscribe to it, they’ll need to send me a full bottle, so I can try it over a period of time and see whether it works better than my current shaving gel (Aveeno Active Naturals Therapeutic Shave Gel).1No, I didn’t find this one myself, Charity did. It comes in a fancy bottle and has “natural” in it…what do you think I am, metrosexual?(And that isn’t an insult to metrosexuals, I just grew up in the boonies and perhaps have some in-born fashion/style/etc. stupidity…) I’m also a bit of a fan of the gel, so maybe they can make some Dr. Carver’s Shave Gel? Anyways, to add this to your order will be an extra $8.

They also have “wipes” which apparently are like baby wipes, but for adults. You can add forty of them to your order for $4. Personally, I’m not interested – plain toilet paper is fancy enough for me.

Ohh, and one other nifty thing about DollarShaveClub – their humor and class. The cartridges come in a small package which usually includes a postcard-esque notice with something humorous or intelligent thereon and a little business card reminding you to swap out your blades regularly.

So what am I saying? Go get DollarShaveClub men. And make sure you use my link when you do so – I get $5 credit for each person that signs up…Maybe I can have free razors for the rest of my life.

That said, I’d also like to offer my thoughts to the folks over at DollarShaveClub on a few ways they can expand and improve upon their current business. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are planning on expanding in these areas – and are just taking their time to ensure they can grow while maintaining the current high level of quality product and customer service.

  1. I’d love to see you offer a complete set of toiletries for men. In my mind this would include:

    1. Floss Picks – No, not just floss string or just the sticky things, but floss picks. Check out what DenTek is doing – their product is pretty awesome.

    2. Toothpaste – I don’t care what kind of toothpaste. My mom would be happier if it didn’t include fluoride – but I’m negotiable. Preferably it should (a) clean my teeth, (b) whiten my teeth, (c) prevent bad breath. I think that hits the basics.

    3. Toothbrushes – I know is already doing this, but I’d rather not have to have all of these little individual charges showing up on my credit card nor a billion little packages.

    4. Deodorant – I think I use Old Spice, I don’t know and don’t really care…but Deodorant is a must and seems like another no-brainer for DollarShaveClub.

    5. Body Wash – If you can make it a shampoo/conditioner as well, that is great. If you can’t do all three, drop the conditioner – I don’t have any hair on my head, just on my face, so I don’t really need the conditioner, since I’m constantly whacking that off with your great razors.

    6. Shampoo – You could do a separate shampoo, but men like things simple – so why make us open two bottles to wash instead of one?

    7. Hand soap – Can we make our hand soap part of our body wash too? Okay, I’m just kidding, but it would be cool to have a nice monthly or bi-monthly supply of hand soap.

    8. Hair Trimmer – There are two types of hair trimmers – the type for shaving our heads and the type for maintaining all other bodily hair (e.g. those annoying ear and nose hairs). I’m not sure whether you can make one device that does both – if so, that is cool…if not, well, make two separate devices. I’d buy a hair trimmer for my head probably once every three years and one for everything else once a year.

      1. To show the sort of class you folks usually do, consider including a few ear plugs (a box of forty is a few bucks, you could throw ten into each hair trimmer order) – they are very useful in maintaining my hearing and would be a nice gesture of thoughtfulness…unless you plan to get into the hearing aid business, then maybe you shouldn’t include them.

  2. On the improvement end, I love your humor…however, I’d love your humor more if it was safe for all ages…and it really could be, but for the unnecessary profanity. I know you aren’t really aiming for the young here (unless they are prematurely growing extra whiskers), but I think it would be thoughtful and appreciated by many families where profanity is not condoned.

All-in-all, DollarShaveClub, you guys are doing a great job…But beware, there are some mega-vendors that could snatch up your business, so you’ll need to work on offering us a full set of toiletries at reasonable prices, with great customer service, and your unique humor and finesse if you want to keep the corporations at bay (::cough:: Amazon ::cough::).

Yes, My Toothbrushes Come in the Mail By Subscription.

Back in September 2013 I wrote about DollarShaveClub which delivers inexpensive and quality razors to your home on a recurring basis for an affordable subscription fee. Not surprisingly, others have jumped on the subscription bandwagon – one of them being ToothbrushSubscriptions – not quite as innovative a name as DollarShaveClub – but it gets the job done.

This is the Economy toothbrush from ToothbrushSubscriptions that I received today.
This is the Economy toothbrush from ToothbrushSubscriptions that I received today.

Do we really need a subscription program for our toothbrushes? Am I really too lazy to pick up a toothbrush at the grocery story? The answer to both is – no. I go grocery shopping semi-frequently, that is once every one or two weeks. I could pick up a toothbrush from the grocery store – but it is more convenient to have it delivered to my doorstep – and its not like I’m paying a premium for the service!

See, ToothbrushSubscriptions discovered a real niche. Everyone wants their toothbrush to be workable (yet oftentimes they get destroyed and we continue to use them b/c we forget to pick up another) and also cleanish (yet we oftentimes use them forever, forgetting to purchase another).

How often do we need to replace our toothbrushes? I don’t know…but every time I see those pictures of microscopic bacteria swarming all over everything, it makes me want to buy a new toothbrush. ToothbrushSubscriptions sends me one automatically every three months for $1 – flat. That means over a year’s time I receive four toothbrushes – which remind me to replace the one I have been using each time they arrive – and it costs me a grand total of $4.

Granted, I am using the Economy Toothbrush (their least expensive) and one could get a baby toothbrush for $2 or a luxury toothbrush for $3 or even the American Dental Association Approved Advantage toothbrush for $5. But even if you go all out and get the $5 ADA toothbrush, you still are spending $20 a year – not too shabby in the larger picture.1How could you ever justify spending $60 yearly on toothbrushes, Dave? First off, I don’t. Secondly, I don’t have cable – so there.1Aka, I can buy my gadgets with the money most folks spend on their cable bills! :P[/ref]

This is the ADA approved toothbrush from ToothbrushSubscriptions I'm throwing away.
This is the ADA approved toothbrush from ToothbrushSubscriptions I’m throwing away.

The packaging is pretty primitive – not nearly as attractive as DollarShaveClubs’ packaging. Maybe that is why its DollarShaveClub and ToothbrushSubscriptions – but I expect with time and growth the packaging will improve.

There isn’t the same humor either – you won’t find funny YouTube videos and you don’t receive humorous business type cards in most packages…but hey, its toothbrushes and there is less margin on toothbrushes (I’d imagine) than on razors.

Now the site isn’t amazing either. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to login to my account. I can create an account (I did) but where is the login page?!? I don’t know. Hopefully this will be remedied soon – it is a simple fix, adding a link to the page (which I am sure exists, I just don’t know where).

I’d also like to see ToothbrushSubscriptions diversify their product portfolio – I’d love to get my toothpaste and floss shipped directly to me. They do carry floss – but its the old-fashioned string kind instead of the new plastic disposables which are so much easier to use. They could also add mouthwash – that’d be nice – but I know its a liquid and a bit more difficult to mail.

Where ToothbrushSubscriptions could run into problems is if DollarShaveClub decides to diversify its portfolio to include toothbrushes – and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. That said, as loon as ToothbrushSubscriptions offers a reasonable price, a reasonable product, and reasonable service – I wouldn’t see any need to switch over to DollarShaveClub for my toothbrushes even if they began offering them.

So, go check them out.