Mom’s Night Out (Movie Review, PG)

There are things I review on my blog that I think everyone will love and then there are things I post here that I think some people will love…this one is for the some people, not everybody. (It has a 5.4/10 on IMDb but only 18% on Rotten Tomatoes.)

Mom's Night Our

I love slapstick comedy (think Home Alone, Baby’s Day Out, etc.) but there is very little of it being produced these days (if you are aware of some good ones I should be watching – let me know!). Mom’s Night Out falls into this category. I laughed so hard I almost cried. Sheila, my mom, and two of my sisters (Faith and Mary) were all watching it with me, I don’t think any of them enjoyed it quite as much as I did…though they may have enjoyed it more because of my near-tears laughing antics.

Mom’s Night Out is a Christian movie in the sense that it was made by Christians, but it is not a Christian movie in the sense of proselytizing. This film is funny and heart-warming and its take-away is a bit over-the-top, but hey, don’t most comedies have one of these at the end anyways?

Okay, now on to some geeky stuff I like to share and probably nobody reads… 🙂


I always like to see who they were able to line up for a movie and what they were in before…this film has some fairly well-known talent including Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton, and David Hunt.

There are also several significant actors from the Christian film industry – which are likely known by those who watch these films and not by the larger world. These include: Andrea Logan White, Alex Kendrick, Jason Burkey, and Kevin Downes.

Web-Based Chore Management.

At one point I was looking into chore management applications – especially ones that would remind someone if they didn’t do their chore. I never found one I was entirely happy with and am hoping Asana will someday add an SMS reminder feature to their product…Here is the list of web-based chore management applications I found. Most of them are aimed at parents wanting to encourage their children to complete their chores…

  • Chore Wars – A RPG game like interface for completing chores.
  • PAYjr Chore and Allowance System – Offers a unique debit card which can be credited as children complete their chores.
  • my job chart – Has web-based, android, and apple (e.g. iphone/ipad) applications.
  • Cozi – Not strictly a chore management application, but has some features for chore/appointment/task management.
  • goal for it! – Has behavior and chore charts, as well as goal setting for adults, and todo lists.
  • 4chores – Manage chores and also helps children run neighborhood businesses performing chores.
  • Chore Ninja – Includes some unique features like not assigning outdoor chores when it is raining.
  • MyChores – Not aimed at children, based out of UK.