Mom’s Night Out (Movie Review, PG)

There are things I review on my blog that I think everyone will love and then there are things I post here that I think some people will love…this one is for the some people, not everybody. (It has a 5.4/10 on IMDb but only 18% on Rotten Tomatoes.)

Mom's Night Our

I love slapstick comedy (think Home Alone, Baby’s Day Out, etc.) but there is very little of it being produced these days (if you are aware of some good ones I should be watching – let me know!). Mom’s Night Out falls into this category. I laughed so hard I almost cried. Sheila, my mom, and two of my sisters (Faith and Mary) were all watching it with me, I don’t think any of them enjoyed it quite as much as I did…though they may have enjoyed it more because of my near-tears laughing antics.

Mom’s Night Out is a Christian movie in the sense that it was made by Christians, but it is not a Christian movie in the sense of proselytizing. This film is funny and heart-warming and its take-away is a bit over-the-top, but hey, don’t most comedies have one of these at the end anyways?

Okay, now on to some geeky stuff I like to share and probably nobody reads… 🙂


I always like to see who they were able to line up for a movie and what they were in before…this film has some fairly well-known talent including Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton, and David Hunt.

There are also several significant actors from the Christian film industry – which are likely known by those who watch these films and not by the larger world. These include: Andrea Logan White, Alex Kendrick, Jason Burkey, and Kevin Downes.

Mother’s Day.

So, this past Mother’s Day, Cassandra Frost (I say this humorously) decided to throw my world upside down by sending me a link to this blog post from The Messy Middle: “An Open Letter to Pastors {A Non-Mom Speaks About Mother’s Day}.” I then proceeded to read up on the subject – and if anyone else is interested in understanding the controversy (within and without Christian circles), here are the articles I came across…Bolded ones I found particularly interesting…

Now all those pastors like me can begin reading for next year. BTW, I’m not sure I’ve come to a good conclusion on this. Maybe I can just ban all non-church holidays and my life will be easier? =) I know, that would be too easy…Hmmm…

Mother's Day card
Mother’s Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)