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Book Review: Communicating the Gospel (William Barclay).

As a teenager I discovered William Barclay’s Daily Study Bible commentaries series and I have remained a fan of his ever since. I have all of his commentaries on the New Testament and numerous of his other writings. Barclay has had a profound impact on both my thought and my character. Barclay lived from 1907-1978 …

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Study Bibles.

Introduction This post is a review of the currently available study bibles. These are English translations of the Old and New Testaments found in the Christian Bible that include notes, maps, cross-references, and other features that delineate them as a “study” bible. At the time I performed this aggregation (1/16/12) there were 1,127 results for …

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A Painting by Bernt Notke

Reimagining Church (Chapter 1) (Frank Viola) – An Interaction (Part 2).

You can find introductory material and the introductory/preface interaction here. Without further delay… Chapter 1. Reimagining the Church as an Organism. “The church we read about in the New Testament was ‘organic.’ By that I mean it was born from and sustained by spiritual life instead of constructed by human institutions, controlled by human hierarchy, …

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Reimagining Church (Preface / Introduction) (Frank Viola) – An Interaction.

[This post is in large part thanks to Andrew Hess, who has pushed my thinking on organic church and ‘forced’ me to do more reading and thinking about underlying church philosophy.] In this post I will attempt to summarize and respond to many of the main thoughts in Frank Viola‘s work Reimagining Church which argues …

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Major Biblical Studies Publishers.

Hendrickson Publishers New International Biblical Commentary, Daily Bible Commentary, The Pulpit Commentary, Black’s New Testament Commentary. IVP Books John Stott Bible Studies, Tyndale Commentary O.T./N.T. Series, Crossway Bible Guides, Apollos Old Testament Commentary, Pillar New Testament Commentaries, IVP New Testament Commentaries. David C. Cook. BE Series, Bible Exposition Commentary, Bible Knowledge Commentary, Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines. …

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