Hermione & George Review Greenies’ Pill Pockets.

Recently I needed to give Hermione and George medications that came in capsules. I asked the nurses at the vet how I was supposed to give them a capsule (liquids are hard enough) and they looked at each other in a way that should have raised my suspicions more than it did and the answer was somewhat muttered…but they did suggest that I could buy Greenies’ Pill Pockets and that these would go around the capsules and the cats would eat the pills without issue…so I bought a small bag – I think it was around $8-$10, it had 45 treats and was chicken flavored. I only needed four, but I figured the cats could just eat the rest as treats.

A package of Greenies Pill Pockets, chicken flavored.
A package of Greenies Pill Pockets, chicken flavored.

Hermione and George did not have a high opinion of said Pill Pockets. I imagine much depends on one’s particular cats, but mine are picky – they put the treats in their mouths, then dropped them back out. I thought maybe it was the capsule that was deterring them, so I tried giving them some of the treats by themselves to “warm them up” to this being tasty food – but they weren’t interested. They didn’t care for the treats at all…

Hermione and George give these Pill Pockets a 0 out of 5 score. They are being especially harsh b/c I then had to pin them to the floor and try to force them to take the medications (they successfully resisted)…

Trying to Make Sense of Cat Food.

Goodness gracious, there are like a billion different cat foods out there – it is so overwhelming! Even just by a single company there seems to be endless variations! I had recently been fairly happy with the Goodlife Recipe with Chicken Food for Indoor Cats (14 lbs) but then it shot up to the outrageous price of $50+. Maybe this is only a temporary issue with Amazon’s supply – but for now, with a doubling in price, there is no way I’m buying it.

So, here I am, yet again looking for cat food. I have four cats – one that has an eating disorder and will continue eating till she vomits, continuing eat, vomit, and repeat forever. Two of the other cats have sensitive stomachs and a lot of cat food doesn’t seem to agree with them.

I’ve spent a little while on Amazon and here is what I’ve narrowed my options down to…I’ll probably end up trying a few before I find one that works well with my sensitive cats (the only way to deal with the eating disordered one is portion control) and this will give me a list to come back to and hopefully help others who are trying to decide on a cat food narrow down their selections from the hundreds of options available.

I’ve selected the foods based on brand name, customer reviews, price, weight, ingredients, and so on.

Budget Options

Organic Options

I’m going to try Hill’s Ideal Balance Natural Chick and Brown Rice Recipe first. The price is reasonable, and becomes more reasonable with Subscribe & Save and I like the fact that in addition to being all-natural it doesn’t contain any corn, wheat, or soy. We’ll see how it goes…

Pet Odor Control

Female grey tabby and white cat resting
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Charity and I have four (yes four) cats. We love them, but they are also stinky little critters and I am constantly looking for new ways to eliminate their odors. I’m just doing some research on odor control options. I’ve listed some out below with comments as appropriate and would love to hear if you know of additional odor control options besides those I’ve mentioned.

  • OdoBan Pet Solid Odor Absorber and Air Freshener (8 oz.) – I’ve purchased products similar to this one in the past – though not one specifically made to absorb pet odors. I find that they work okay, but they don’t do much for that *real stinky* short-term smell right after a cat goes, and they seem to whither out after a while. I wish the product description told us a little more about how this is product is specially formulated to eliminate pet odors as opposed to those I’ve already used. Realistically, the price would need to come down as well – I can’t see paying almost $6 ea. for these when I would need at least three simultaneously and they need to be swapped out once a month.
  • Fresh ‘n Clean Odor Grabber Deluxe 1000 Air Purifier – The price on this unit isn’t bad ($40) but the replacement filters are always killer ($20 for 2). I’ve found, in general, these air purifier units seem to do the best job – if you keep a new filter in them at least once a month…but that gets expensive! Again, especially if you have multiple locations!
  • Hamilton Beach TrueAir or Febreze Odor Removal Appliances – I picked up one of these units a while back and I think it works well in very small, confined areas. It seems to control odor, but if the room is even moderately large (e.g. a large closet) it doesn’t have a strong enough fan to pull in and change the air…but if it’s right up close, it does a decent job. I’ve decided to pick up another one of these – though I’m not buying it off Amazon. I’m spoiled by wanting products with free shipping (Amazon Prime), so I’ll wait till I go to Target where the price is the same and I don’t have to pay shipping.

What hasn’t worked for me? Good question – and just as important as what I’m considering and what has…

  • Domed Litter Boxes – These are really a good idea, problem is if you have a massively overweight cat (Barclay) who believes that once her body is in the litter box, she’s good to go (which can result in her defecating everywhere but in the litter box). This issue is significantly exasperated by domed litter boxes which tend to be smaller than many litter boxes one can otherwise purchase.
  • Automatic Litter Boxes – I’d love to say I’ve been able to get something like the CatGenie or co. to work, but I’ve run into more issues than blessings with these units. My old CatGenie unit finally went out with the garbage perhaps six months ago – after sitting in the shed for a year. Ohh well. If anyone wants to send me a unit (by CatGenie or others) I’m more than happy to give it a try…but I’m skeptical.