Theological Journals.

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A collection of some theological journals with annotations…

  • Doon Theological Journal – based out of India, offers only article abstracts, but titles of many are very fascinating – focusing on post-colonial theology amongst other topics.
  • American Theological Inquiry: A Biannual Journal of Theology, Culture, and History – includes the full articles for free, a lot of fascinating titles – significant focus on post-modernism, seems to include a wide variety of authors from varying religious traditions within the Christian faith.
  • Seat of Wisdom: A Theological and Pastoral Journal – a relatively new journal, from the Roman Catholic Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, offers full articles online.
  • Themelios: An International Journal for Students of Theological and Religious Studies – offered by The Gospel Coalition, takes an evangelical standpoint, offers articles by well-known evangelical scholars (e.g. D.A. Carson), available for free online. Here are a few articles I’m looking forward to reading:
    • Garrett, Stephen M. “The Dazzling Darkness of God’s Triune Love: Introducing Evangelicals to the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar.” Vol. 35, Issue 3.
    • Atherstone, Andrew. “Divine Retribution: A Forgotten Doctrine?” Vol. 34, Issue 1.
    • Schreiner, Thomas T. “A New Testament Perspective on Homosexuality.” Vol. 31, Issue 3.
    • Briggs, Richard S. “Gender and God-Talk: Can We Call God ‘Mother'” Vol. 29, Issue 2.
    • Crisp, Oliver. “On Barth’s Denial of Universalism.” Vol. 29, Issue 1.
    • Tasker, R.V.G. “Biblical Doctrine of the Wrath of God (Part 2).” Vol. 26, Issue 3.
    • Tasker, R.V.G. “Biblical Doctrine of the Wrath of God (Part 1).” Vol. 26, Issue 2.
    • Groothius, Daniel. “The Postmodern Challenge to Theology.” Vol. 25, Issue 1.
    • Lilley, J.P.U. “The Judgement of God: The Problem of the Canaanites.” Vol. 22, Issue 2.
    • Gray, Tony. “Destroyed For Ever: An Examination of the Debates Concerning Annihilation and Conditional Immortality.” Vol. 21, Issue 2.
    • Beckwith, Roger. “Intertestamental Judaism, its Literature and its Significance.” Vol. 15, Issue 3.
    • Travis, Stephen H. “The Problem of Judgement.” Vol. 11, Issue 2.
    • Alexander, Desmond. “The Old Testament View of Life After Death.” Vol. 11, Issue 2.
    • Harris, Murray J. “The New Testament View of Life After Death.” Vol. 11, Issue 2.
    • Smeeton, Donald Dean. “Hans Kung: The Architect of Radical Catholicism.” Vol. 7, Issue 2.
    • Davis, Stephen T. “God the Mad Scientist: Process Theology on God and Evil.” Vol. 5, Issue 1.
    • Wright, N.T. “Towards a Biblical View of Universalism.” Vol. 4, Issue 2.
    • Blum, Edwin A. “Shall you not surely die.” Vol. 4, Issue 2.
    • Bauckham, Richard. “Universalism: a Historical Study.” Vol. 4, Issue 2.
  • Reformed Theological Journal – from the faculty of the Reformed Theological Journal. Some volumes tables of contents are available online and the entire volumes available for purchase.
  • Theological Studies Inc.– A Catholic journal, around fifty years of articles online for free.
    • McKenzie, John L. “A New Study of Theodore of Mopsuestia.” 10.3.
    • Harvey, John F. “Homosexuality as a Pastoral Problem.” 16.1.
    • Dyer, George J. “Limbo: A Theological Evaluation.” 19.1.
    • Clarke, Thomas E. “St. Augustine and Cosmic Redemption.” 19.2.
    • Bligh, John. “Principalities and Powers.” 23.1.
    • Clarke, Thomas E. “The Problem of Evil: A New Study.” 28.1.
    • Ring, George C. “The Death of the Immortals.” 3.2.
    • Peter, Carl J. “Renewal of Peace and the Problem of God.” 30.3.
    • Hill, William J. “Does God Know the Future? Aquinas and Some Moderns.” 36.1.
    • Burns, J. Patout. “The Concept of Satisfaction in Medieval Redemption Theory.” 36.2.
    • Burns, J. Patout. “The Economy of Salvation: Two Patristic Traditions.” 37.4.

Good Read: Evangelical vs. Liberal (Article)

Cover of "Evangelical vs. Liberal"
Cover of Evangelical vs. Liberal

Matthew A. Sutton has written a summary/review of James K. Wellman Jr.’s book Evangelical vs. Liberal which looks at the church in the contemporaneous Pacific Northwest and compares the life of both liberal and evangelical congregations.

The book itself seems interesting, but the articles provides a good summary for the time being for those of us who are already overwhelmed with books to read. Why is this article particularly interesting?

  • The Pacific Northwest is the statistically most “unchurched” region in the U.S.
  • Wellman is more liberal in his theological outlook, but finds something fascinating in the vibrancy and growth of the evangelical community.

The article is only two pages long (even though it claims to be three). A good, ten minute read.

An Introduction to Intergenerational Ministry.

So, tomorrow I’m preaching and I mentioned that the topic would address multi-generational interactions. Steve Weir pointed out that my terminology was incorrect (thanks!) and that the correct term is “intergenerational.” I googled it – and boy did that make finding relevant articles and sites easier!

In any case, I just wanted to highlight several excellent posts on the topic by Kara Jenkins over at Ministry to Children’s site. Each is meticulously researched, relatively short, and worthwhile reads. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of intergenerational ministry – give these articles a gander!