How’s That Brain Working? (Lumosity)

Last year, on November 29th I wrote a review of Lumosity, a brain training/exercise web-based program that uses games to increase brain power. Its been around two months and I figured it was time to give everyone an update on how Lumosity is going… Score For Nov. 23rd Nov. 29th Jan. 28th Percentile Brain Performance …

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Lumosity and Brain Training

I try to intentionally improve myself over time – improving my diet, increasing my physical exercise regimen, regulating my sleep, adjusting medications, developing spiritual disciplines, and so on. One area I’m giving some more consideration recently is Lumosity. It isn’t the first time I’ve run into Lumosity – I’ve known of its existence for a …

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Auslogics Disk Defrag – Optimizing Computer Performance.

[I no longer use Auslogics Disk Defrag] There is a nifty little company out there that seems to have come out of nowhere and offers powerful utilities for tweaking your computer and ensuring you are getting the best performance out of the system. This company is Auslogics. One of their premier products – that has …

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