A Useful Tip: How to Boost Your Laptop Speakers.

Laptops are great. You can take them with you wherever you go – but they tend to lack in the speaker department. Between the cooling fans in the laptops and any background noise in your environment, watching or listening to anything on your laptop can be a real chore. Sure, you can wear headphones/ear buds …

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Occupy Wall Street: A Visual Introduction.

Recently I posted a bit of a primer on Occupy Wall Street consisting of quotes, links, and summations. I’m a reader – so I prefer textual materials. I can’t stand watching non-fiction video (e.g. news, documentaries), feeling I can more rapidly consume text…but I know many are more visual-oriented learners than I am…so here I …

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Skype – A Better Telephone?

With the ubiquitous presence of cell phones the need for traditional landlines seems to be drastically decreasing and many individuals and families are choosing to abandon landlines altogether for only cellular service. Still, cell phones aren’t a perfect solution. They generally are fairly expensive on a per minute conversation basis, have high roaming charges, and …

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ClearPlay DVD Player.

Image via Wikipedia Movies and television shows have allowed us to experience entertainment in ways never before possible. We can travel the world, experience adventure, discover ancient lands – such a multitude of experiences is laid out before our very eyes. Yet at the same time the advent of movies and television has brought much …

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