Target and Market Pantry.

Post Published on July 7, 2009.
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When we think of shopping for groceries Target isn’t usually the first place to come to mind – but maybe it should be. Over the last year or two I’ve really fallen in love with Target. They don’t have everything you need – no fresh fruits or vegetables…but when it comes to cereals, juices, snack foods, and frozen goods – Target is great!

Target carries name brands but they also carry their generic brand products called Market Pantry. In general, my experience with generics has been disappointing. In the cereal department, while the generics may taste okay, they certainly don’t taste anything like the brand name equivalent. Similarly, have you ever tried those generic oreo’s? Yuck! But this isn’t the case with Market Pantry. You won’t notice a sub-par taste in their Apple Juice, and if you swap out boxes on cereals your kids would never guess they weren’t eating the real Lucky Charms.

What really is the kicker for Target’s Market Pantry line of products is the pricing. I always gawked at paying nearly $4 for a box of cereal, but oftentimes couldn’t stand some of the generics. Now I get Market Pantry for less than $2.50 a box and don’t notice any taste difference!

So, what am I saying? Next time your out, if the Target isn’t too far from your normal grocery store, consider stopping by there first to get the non-perishables and then going to the grocery store – I think you’ll be happy with the difference.

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  1. Be careful and READ ingrediant lables. I buy market brand
    fruit snacks for my kids . My son read the label and saw that there was carnauba wax ( very hard /durable wax used for water proofing/waxing floors etx) NOt the best choice not matter how minimal for kids to eat. I;m sure the product would be fine without it. Who needs it to be shiny?? If anyone know s why they use it in candy I’d love to know.

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