Thai Chef & Noodle Fusion (Penndel, PA)

Post Published on November 7, 2010.
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Tonight the Planning Committee of Calvary Community Church decided to do something special. Usually we meet in the downstairs of the church on a regular basis to discuss operational planning for the church (e.g. service and ministry related functioning, the grunt work of ministry behind whatever happens), but this week we went to the Thai Chef & Noodle Fusion, a restaurant on Business Route 1 / Lincoln Highway in Penndel.

The parking lot was fairly empty. There was one table of customers when we entered. The building was split into two sections – a main dining area on the left and on the right was what appeared to be a place for larger parties. The register and an attendant were present as soon as we entered and behind these was the restrooms (always important to know).

The staff was very nice and helpful. The inside of the building was thoroughly decorated – the lights were low and multi-colored, pictures hung on the walls, and the tables were clean and well-spaced. I ordered a Thai Entree of Shrimp and Home Fried Rice. The food was delivered within ten to fifteen minutes – it seemed extremely fast. The servings were well-sized and the food tasted excellent. The waiters kept me adequately supplied with water (I drink a lot, so this is a real concern) and allowed us to talk long after we finished consuming our meals. They also were more than courteous in splitting our checks up for us. As we walked out they kindly wished us a good evening and thanked us for coming.

I was impressed. If you are looking for a nice place to get dinner that offers a welcoming atmosphere, quick and efficient service, and reasonable prices – give Thai Chef and Noodle Fusion a try. Everyone knows that making it as a restaurant in Penndel is no easy task – we watch them come and go so frequently. I, for one, will be trying to spend a little more time in this (and other) local venues in the Penndel community.

Other Thoughts:

  • Some older gentlemen with us did have some issues reading the menu with the ambient lighting. This was not a problem for me.
  • There are some really good coupons in local mailers sent out weekly.
  • Pricing is around the same as what you would pay at say a Friendlys, Ruby Tuesdays, or Red Robin.
  • While they have ‘normal’ and fairly inexpensive dishes they also have some more extravagant and interesting dishes – such as alligator and wild boar.

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