The Girl in the Window.

Post Published on August 12, 2008.
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Sometimes it is good to weep, to feel compassion in your soul, to remember how blessed we are, to remember how in need others are and to forget our own selfishness for a while. If you are ready to weep, to cry out to God, then I recommend reading this story.

Lane DeGregory is the author and Melissa Lyttle is the photographer, both work for the St. Petersburg Times. The story told is of horrific neglect of a little girl and the redemptive action of love when she is liberated from the abusive home.

My first reaction was, “My God, how can you allow this to happen?” Then, “How can we as humans be so awful?” And finally, “God gives me the opportunity every day to help lessen this suffering…to increase love and peace in this world.”

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