the future

On this page I’ll share innovations currently under development or that are likely coming in the foreseeable future. If you are aware of such products entering into production please make me aware.

  • Intelligent Automobile – A car that will use radar, wireless communications, redundant computer processing, GPS, and other technologies to allow for automatic driving – no need for a human to be involved. Everyone will be a passenger and cars will become focused around making the passengers comfortable while the automobile drives. Expect to see automobile fatalities decrease by 95% due to the higher responsiveness and continual vigilance of computer and network sensors. Also expect speed limits to increase as automobiles are able to navigate higher speeds with safety.
  • Intelligent Home – Every outlet and device will be aware and capable of reporting its status, power consumption, and any issues that might arise via a centralized web-based management console. Individuals will be able to control their homes functionality remotely – start a dishwasher cycle, unlock/lock the doors, turn off lights, turn down the heat. One will also be able to analyze expenditures and receive proactive alerts from devices requiring maintenance (e.g. refrigerator, washing machine, central air).

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