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Have you ever tried finding images for a website, document, or presentation? If you want to stay legal and use the images legitimately – your task isn’t very easy, especially if you don’t have a budget. Sure, there are stock photography sources you can purchase images from, but what if there is no money for this project? The resources are fairly skimpy…well, actually, they are plentiful BUT they aren’t well systematized or aggregated.

The goal of this site is to recognize the photographers and artists who are creating high quality images that are made freely available for use under a Creative Commons Attribution license. I hope the site will serve to elevate the position of these generous artists and also to provide individuals looking for imagery materials to use in various projects with a quick source for finding excellent options.

Each link below will take you to a page with images covering the specified topic. Enjoy!


Legal Notes:

  • These images have been labeled as under the Creative Commons Attribution license, but it is possible that an individual might post an image which they did not create and do not have the right to offer rights to. If you discover such an image please let us know and we will remove the image as quickly as possible.
  • When the photo includes manufactured objects or individuals it may be necessary to secure a release from the manufacturer or the model before utilizing. The image may be freely available, but this does not negate the need for a model release.