the websites


  • Hulu – One of the largest sources for viewing contemporary TV shows via the internet (for free).
  • Netflix – Get just about any movie or TV show on physical DVD via mail or watch thousands of movies and TV shows via streaming. $12 will get you 1 DVD at a time by mail and unlimited streaming.
  • Kongregate – A gaming site with tens of thousands of casual, web-based games. Much more professional and aesthetically friendly design than most similar sites, free to play, offers social networking aspects, and so on.


  • Mint – A free, web-based money management application, similar to QuickBooks. It allows one to automatically pull in information from one’s financial accounts (e.g. savings, checking, credit cards, loans) and then automatically analyzes and reports on it in a number of powerful ways.


I used a number of sources to help remind me of the websites I love and to introduce me to new websites. These sources are credited below:

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