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Post Published on April 15, 2011.
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A collection of some theological journals with annotations…

  • Doon Theological Journal – based out of India, offers only article abstracts, but titles of many are very fascinating – focusing on post-colonial theology amongst other topics.
  • American Theological Inquiry: A Biannual Journal of Theology, Culture, and History – includes the full articles for free, a lot of fascinating titles – significant focus on post-modernism, seems to include a wide variety of authors from varying religious traditions within the Christian faith.
  • Seat of Wisdom: A Theological and Pastoral Journal – a relatively new journal, from the Roman Catholic Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, offers full articles online.
  • Themelios: An International Journal for Students of Theological and Religious Studies – offered by The Gospel Coalition, takes an evangelical standpoint, offers articles by well-known evangelical scholars (e.g. D.A. Carson), available for free online. Here are a few articles I’m looking forward to reading:
    • Garrett, Stephen M. “The Dazzling Darkness of God’s Triune Love: Introducing Evangelicals to the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar.” Vol. 35, Issue 3.
    • Atherstone, Andrew. “Divine Retribution: A Forgotten Doctrine?” Vol. 34, Issue 1.
    • Schreiner, Thomas T. “A New Testament Perspective on Homosexuality.” Vol. 31, Issue 3.
    • Briggs, Richard S. “Gender and God-Talk: Can We Call God ‘Mother'” Vol. 29, Issue 2.
    • Crisp, Oliver. “On Barth’s Denial of Universalism.” Vol. 29, Issue 1.
    • Tasker, R.V.G. “Biblical Doctrine of the Wrath of God (Part 2).” Vol. 26, Issue 3.
    • Tasker, R.V.G. “Biblical Doctrine of the Wrath of God (Part 1).” Vol. 26, Issue 2.
    • Groothius, Daniel. “The Postmodern Challenge to Theology.” Vol. 25, Issue 1.
    • Lilley, J.P.U. “The Judgement of God: The Problem of the Canaanites.” Vol. 22, Issue 2.
    • Gray, Tony. “Destroyed For Ever: An Examination of the Debates Concerning Annihilation and Conditional Immortality.” Vol. 21, Issue 2.
    • Beckwith, Roger. “Intertestamental Judaism, its Literature and its Significance.” Vol. 15, Issue 3.
    • Travis, Stephen H. “The Problem of Judgement.” Vol. 11, Issue 2.
    • Alexander, Desmond. “The Old Testament View of Life After Death.” Vol. 11, Issue 2.
    • Harris, Murray J. “The New Testament View of Life After Death.” Vol. 11, Issue 2.
    • Smeeton, Donald Dean. “Hans Kung: The Architect of Radical Catholicism.” Vol. 7, Issue 2.
    • Davis, Stephen T. “God the Mad Scientist: Process Theology on God and Evil.” Vol. 5, Issue 1.
    • Wright, N.T. “Towards a Biblical View of Universalism.” Vol. 4, Issue 2.
    • Blum, Edwin A. “Shall you not surely die.” Vol. 4, Issue 2.
    • Bauckham, Richard. “Universalism: a Historical Study.” Vol. 4, Issue 2.
  • Reformed Theological Journal – from the faculty of the Reformed Theological Journal. Some volumes tables of contents are available online and the entire volumes available for purchase.
  • Theological Studies Inc.– A Catholic journal, around fifty years of articles online for free.
    • McKenzie, John L. “A New Study of Theodore of Mopsuestia.” 10.3.
    • Harvey, John F. “Homosexuality as a Pastoral Problem.” 16.1.
    • Dyer, George J. “Limbo: A Theological Evaluation.” 19.1.
    • Clarke, Thomas E. “St. Augustine and Cosmic Redemption.” 19.2.
    • Bligh, John. “Principalities and Powers.” 23.1.
    • Clarke, Thomas E. “The Problem of Evil: A New Study.” 28.1.
    • Ring, George C. “The Death of the Immortals.” 3.2.
    • Peter, Carl J. “Renewal of Peace and the Problem of God.” 30.3.
    • Hill, William J. “Does God Know the Future? Aquinas and Some Moderns.” 36.1.
    • Burns, J. Patout. “The Concept of Satisfaction in Medieval Redemption Theory.” 36.2.
    • Burns, J. Patout. “The Economy of Salvation: Two Patristic Traditions.” 37.4.

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