ThermaCare HeatWraps – For When You Really Want Someone to Care.

Post Published on July 12, 2012.
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The auto-immune disorder I have 1It is still unknown which one(s) I have. I see a rheumatologistat the end of the month.

Logo of Pfizer Incorporated.
Logo of Pfizer Incorporated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thankfully, Charity discovered Pfizer’s ThermaCare HeatWraps – and boy are they miracle workers. You can certainly feel the heat (the one disadvantage being you’ll probably sweat through your shirt) and they last for hour upon hour (I’d say around eight to ten hours all told). Seriously, I tried the generic no-name brands and they all failed me – go with ThermaCare. I’m wearing one right now.restless legs syndrome (rls) with a vengeance. It is essentially 24/7 – which means that I am gimping around 24/7. This is not usual me (the desk dweller) and my back is not entirely appreciative of the new me (which is walking at least 10 miles each day since this began…around the house). So what to do? I tried a bunch of different vendors (wish I could remember who) of various heat packs to help with this issue. I found most either (a) didn’t actually get warm, (b) where uncomfortable to wear, or (c) if they were sticky ones that didn’t wrap all the way around they fell off regularly (what a nuisance!).

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