Web-Based Invoicing Options.

Post Published on March 7, 2013.
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Freelancing and self-employment seem to be growing in popularity and with them come an increasing need for invoicing software. At one juncture I was researching my options and compiled a list – figured I’d share it for anyone else out there looking into invoicing options as well.

I don’t do a ton of invoicing – but I do use Freshbooks. I’m currently on their free plan, which has been adequate. I wish they had more tiers or lower prices or something, as I would like to move up but can’t really justify the price yet. I’ve been using Freshbooks for a number of years now and it is reliable and intuitive.

  • Freshbooks – This is the service I use. I probably stay with them b/c (a) they have a decent feature set, (b) all my data is in their system, (c) I haven’t needed to purchase a premium plan.
  • invoicedude – Offers hosted and self-hosted options. It is free for hosted. This was one of the ones that was more attractive to me.
  • Cashboard – Has a free plan and then a premium plan ($15/mo.).
  • Simple Invoices – A free, open source, self-hosted solution.
  • CurdBee – This was another interesting option. It has a generous free option, then jumps up to $5/mo. for pro with even more features.
  • Invoiceable – Entirely free, based out of somewhere in the European Union.
  • Blinksale – $15/mo.
  • Invoice RA – Starts at $20/mo.
  • Zoho Invoice – Zoho has a whole suite of productivity web apps. Has a free plan and then moves to $15/mo.
  • WP-Invoice – Another interesting option, self-hosted, uses WordPress, free.

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