Why Dell is Better Than Toshiba.

Post Published on January 9, 2013.
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I bought a 128 GB SSD hard drive for my work-supplied Toshiba laptop – a Tecra A11-S3540. This means reinstalling the Operating System, drivers, and software applications after installing the new SSD – a process I am currently engaged in. During this process I have been reminded why I prefer Dell laptops over Toshiba laptops…and the reasons are two.

First, and not directly related to this immediate issue is that Dell provides next-business-day three year support warranties – something which (as far as I am aware), Toshiba does not provide. In the past when I have had to have a Toshiba repaired (and was not employed by the school, where some of my fellow workers are Toshiba certified) I had two choices for repairs: (a) send the laptop back to Toshiba and wait a few weeks or (b) take the laptop to a local authorized repair center and wait a few days to weeks.

The second, which is what I am confronting right now, is the horrific support interface Toshiba offers – which I have to interact with to get the latest drivers for my computer. What exactly am I talking about?

1. Toshiba doesn’t offer any automatic detection mechanism – you have to manually select your model laptop. If that isn’t bad enough, the info. is on the bottom of the laptop which means flipping it up to peek at the model and then back down (and often up and down again when you forget one portion).

2. Toshiba doesn’t organize its downloads well at all…I’m really not sure what the method behind the madness is at all. When I open up the downloads for my system they aren’t organized by date of release – and there are multiple downloads for the same driver (different versions). This is insanely confusing (and I work in IT!). Umm, which downloads do I need? Ohh wait, you mean the latest driver might be on the second pages and not the first? Gahh! I can’t even see them all to compare at once but have to flip back and forth between pages.

3. Toshiba doesn’t provide reasonable descriptions of their download packages. A few packages have brief descriptions of what the application does – but many have no description at all. Do I want this Toshiba application? Or is it junk? I have no way of knowing without downloading and installing it!

4. Toshiba doesn’t provide information easily accessible about what has changed between versions in many cases. Yes, I just upgraded my BIOS from 2.90 to 3.20 – do I know why? Nope, no clue.

In each of the above cases, where Toshiba fails, Dell succeeds. Not that Dell is perfect by any means – just that I find Dell better than the competition – including Toshiba.

2 thoughts on “Why Dell is Better Than Toshiba.”

  1. Hey Dave, it’s funny how much I can relate to your experience since I work on these laptops all of the time. Dell definitely has the best support system established, while HP’s isn’t too far behind, but Toshiba and Gateway are some of the worst. I always have a terrible time finding my way around the Toshiba website in comparison to dell and other companies.

    I also have worked with Toshiba for warranty services and have been very disappointed. Even under warranty it was slow and cost me money for repairs.

    1. Thanks Paul for confirming my thoughts. 🙂 I haven’t had to support Gateway in years. I did some support with HP, they weren’t bad, but I had screens repeatedly fail right after their default 1 year warranty expired – which was really annoying and very expensive to repair.

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