Why I Don’t Use Evernote.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Weird Dave. I’ve never lost any data using Evernote. I saw it once when someone changed passwords and their phone app wasn’t syncing, but that’s it.

    There are some awesome uses for it –
    * Curating the Internet for Articles: I use the Evernote Webclipper to grab sections from webpages and assign them to my Articles collection with different tags.
    * Work Snippets: I create short articles in a work collection containing helpful code snippets. When I search on Google, it also searches my Evernote and displays a snippet if it relates to my search.

    I really really wish you could work on a collection with someone else without paying $5/month. That’s a real problem in my opinion.

    • davemackey says:

      I’m glad you’ve never lost anything…I use Diigo for curating internet articles…and for code snippets, hmmm…I guess I don’t use them much…but then again, I haven’t been doing much coding recently.

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