Why I Love Unroll.me And You Should Too.

Post Published on April 17, 2013.
Last Updated on April 30, 2016 by davemackey.

I’ve been using unroll.me for some time now – perhaps a year or two – and it is an awesome tool for anyone who has a gmail account.

no spam!
no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are like me you get a lot of spam messages – just total crap like “hey, you are cute, want to video chat?” or “do you need medications? we have viagra!” or “you don’t know me but I want to give you $10m.” This sort of spam, Google does a pretty good job of handling – but then there is another, legitimate form of spam – these bulk emails sent out by various companies that you probably said hi to once in your life and now send you all the time emails about their latest products, sales pitches, and newsletters. They can become very overwhelming. At times I receive 30+ in a single day.

Unroll.me helps with this. Each day instead of receiving a mass of emails you receive a single “rollup” email from unroll.me containing all the newsletters, etc. you likely don’t want/need to read. You can then review them at a glance and decide on several actions: (a) you can unsubscribe from them (and unroll.me handles all the fancy stuff, don’t worry about jumping through hoops – click unsubscribe and let unroll.me take care of the rest), (b) you can leave the newsletter in the rollup, so it just comes once a day along with all your other bulk emails in this rollup from unroll.me and you can decide at a glance if it is worth opening today, and (c) you can choose to have the email (and future instances of it) delivered directly to your mailbox if it is something important and you do want to read it.

You can always access your “rolled up” emails at any time in the unroll.me label unroll.me automatically creates – so its not like you lose any messages.

unroll.me just recently finished a rewrite of their user interface and the improvements are great and make the service much more intuitive. I highly recommend this service – and you really can’t argue with the price (free).

7 thoughts on “Why I Love Unroll.me And You Should Too.”

  1. That sounds like a great idea, Dave! I tried to sign up, but the links to add an item to the roll-up doesn’t respond when I click any of them. suggestions?

    1. Rachel,
      Short Answer: Have you tried another browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)?
      Longer Answer: Websites that act more like applications generally utilize AJAX to provide a response user interface (UI). Some browsers, by default or by customizing its configuration, disable all or part of one of AJAX’s underlying technologies – JavaScript. If it is disabled in the browser you are using, you’ll click on a link but nothing will happen – b/c the browser is blocking the AJAX from executing as it should.
      If trying a different browser doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll see what else I can figure out…but this is by far the most common reason a site doesn’t respond to a mouse click as it should.

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