Xlear Spry Gum (Xylitol).

Post Published on February 7, 2011.
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I struggle with stress and boredom eating, in order to proactively counter this struggle I chew a lot of gum. Gum isn’t perfect – but it seems to help. When tempted to grab a piece of candy or a fatty snack – I try to grab gum instead.

Long ago I moved away from sugar-based gums to sugar-free, preferably the kind that claim to be good for your teeth. Recently I read about xylitol based gums. Xylitol is a sugar alternative that offers several health benefits – including better dental health. You can read about all of them over on the Wikipedia article.

I bought a canister of one hundred pieces off Amazon for a little under $10. This seems to be (generally) in the vicinity of other gums. I chose the fruit gum first, I’ve since ordered a pack of the cinnamon. I found the gum to be fine, to hold up to chewing well (some gums break down pretty quickly) but to not carry its taste for a particularly long time. I’ll be interested to see how the cinnamon gum holds up in its stead – as cinnamon based gums always seem to last longer than fruit based.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the Spry gum and intend to keep on using it as my primary gum for the time being. It may cost a few cents extra – but if it does, I think its worth the cost.

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